Design Commission Gallery


code: assemblages of knowledge transfer


Design Commission Gallery announces code, assemblages of knowledge transfer by Cognition, Inc.,

June 6
5:00-8:00 pm.

Cognition is interested in visual storytelling that enhances and enriches communication through the use of 5 core principles: science, design, psychology, anthropology and technology. This show features a selection of their work… please see Cognition’s site for more details.

Can’t make it to the opening? The show will be open to the public through the month of June.

About the show:

code is something we all live by. It is also a means by which we store/transfer/translate/ communicate something from one form(at) into another. For Cognition, our code is to educate and create knowledge transfer through our visual solutions. These assembled gallery images serve as samples or case examples of our code and are represented through our information design, data visualization, and medical illustration.

About Cognition Studio

Founded in 2001, Cognition Studio is headquartered in Seattle, WA and works across a broad spectrum of health and science industries, including pharma, biotech, medical legal, global health, advertising firms, hospitals and publications.

Cosmic Sans


Join us for the galaxy-wide opening of “Cosmic Sans,” a series of 26 space and sci-fi themed typographic art prints by 26 artists and designers from planet earth!

This stellar opening will take place at Design Commission during Pioneer Square’s first Thursday art walk.

Each framed art print will be sold via silent auction to benefit the Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. and 826 Seattle, a nonprofit writing and tutoring center for the children of earth.

Organized by your neighborhood space nerds: Constellation & Co.

Alison Braun - IN THE PIT


Design Commission Gallery announces In The Pit, photography by Alison Braun. The show will feature selected images of the Los Angeles Punk rock scene from 1980 to 1990. A limited edition book will also be available for sale at the show. See artist’s site for more details.

About the artist:

Alison began taking pictures as a teenager with a Pentax K100 that her father gave her.

At age 15 she began using the camera as a way to gain free admittance to music clubs on Hollywood ’s Sunset Strip, exchanging a spot on the guest list for copies of the photos she shot of the bands. She spent several years frequenting the Whisky, Roxy, and Starwood.

Alison was also a frequent contributor to several publications who supported the emerging punk rock music scene.

In the 11 years she was actively photographing bands she amassed an archive of several thousand images.

AIGA Link Program


LINK is about creative inspiration and is focused on enriching the lives of high school students; expanding their passion for art. This selection of artwork was created by this year’s students and guest artists, illustrating how creative expression travels through inspiration. The exhibit includes a wide variety of artwork ranging from shoe designs, steamroller prints, digital portraits, book sculptures and more.

Join us July 5, 7-9pm during the First Thursday Pioneer Square Artwalk. Also, this month, we’ll be hosting live music from the Parnassus Project - , a local non-profit classical music group connecting chamber music and community. Be prepared to be delighted!

Ben Van Citters - Transmissions


Ben Van Citters is presenting his show titled ‘Transmissions’ in the Design Commission Gallery Space for the November First Thursday Art Walk in Pioneer Square.  ‘Transmissions’ consists of several acoustic and visually interactive installations produced in the last six months with Processing, a new media programming language.

Various Artists - Brain Dump - Pryme Helmets


The Design Commission Gallery and Pryme Helmets have joined forces to create a mind-blowing show, tapping 19 artists to embellish, design and deconstruct the Pryme Bike helmet.

Artists include: Jared Nickerson, Jared Randall, Jason Cox, Darin Montgomery, Ben Malay, Samantha Malay, Luke Dokken, Luz Bratcher, Steve Rotika, Jim Koch, Jeanie Newby, Jeff Jacobs, Mark Bently, Josh McCurdy, Candace Catskin, Matty Mitchell, Mike Capp and Justin Hillgrove.



Urbancase was founded by Darin Montgomery in 2002 based on the philosophy of designing objects and spaces that contribute to a simpler, pared back lifestyle focusing on basic aesthetic elements and functionality.

Design Commission is excited to present a selection of projects and work that showcases Urbancase’s refined approach to furniture design.

eBoy Visits Seattle - Selected works from a pixel universe.


eBoy is a pixel art group founded in 1997 by Kai Vermehr, Steffen Sauerteig and Svend Smital. Their complex illustrations have been made into posters, shirts, souvenirs. Expressing their modular and collaborative approach as something that defines eBoy as much as the use of pixels. “We started working with pixels because we loved the idea of making pictures only for the screen. It’s the best way to get really sharp and clean looking results. Also, handling pixels is fun and you are forced to simplify and abstract things, which is a big advantage of this technique.

Northwest College of Art - Vis Comm Grad Folio Exhibition 2010


Northwest College of Art has been educating creative individuals for nearly 30 years. All of our students double major and concentrate their studies in areas such as Graphic Design, Photography, Fine Art, Motion Design, Interactive Design, and Entertainment Design while earning a BFA in Visual Communication.

With humble beginnings on the Poulsbo waterfront, NCA has evolved into a 26 acre campus on what was formerly the Mains Manor estate located on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula. Craig Freeman founded NCA with one fundamental goal in mind, and that was to give creative people the chance to study what they love and turn it into a life-long, fulfilling career. This mission remains as powerful today as it ever was. Design Commission presents the 2010 graduating class of NCA.

11/100 - Patent Pending Industries 1999 - 2010


For over a decade Jeff Kleinsmith and Jesse LeDoux of Patent Pending Industries have been creating a fresh perspective through their silk-screened concert posters.  They’ve ushered in a new era of poster design, rejuvenating the world of live music.  11/100, the first retrospective collection of their work, is not to be missed.

So let’s start from the beginning. Patent Pending isn’t just a design company. It’s a worldwide force. A power to be reckoned with. An organization with so much control over the entertainment business that it cripples the minds of the effete intellectual elite. From an organization that started in their parent’s garage with nothing but promise, ideas and $500 to buy a computer, Patent Pending is now a business that is ubiquitous alongside brands such as Sony, Bed Bath and Beyond or Mr. Pibb. And yes, they do accept American Express.

Jeff Kleinsmith and Jesse LeDoux met while whizzing tomatoes at oncoming trucks that blew by their houses which were next door to each other in the Seattle suburbs. And as you can imagine, they became quick friends. Within a few weeks, they set their aim on throwing tomatoes at design firms. Literally! And of course, that didn’t last very long before they were asked to stop. By lawyers.

So armed with their boyish good looks, devious creativity and a handful of bottle rockets, Jeff and Jesse started Patent Pending Industries. Originally located in an abandoned warehouse in Seattle’s lower uptown, they set out to reinvent graphic design one pixel at a time. It didn’t take long before the entire globe was shaking in their boots when the name “Patent Pending” was muttered. And to avoid lawsuits, they only run a smoke-free work place in their minds.